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A Lightweight, Easy-To-Move Planter For Your Deck Or Patio
Made to hold 10-inch or 12-inch clay pots, this planter lets you remove your plants for easy re-location or switch from plant-to-plant without digging or making a mess !

Step 4: Assembly. To assemble the top frame (X) and the bottom frame (Y), drill two pilot holes (above one another) at each of the corners where the “B” and “A” frame sides meet (See Corner Detail) and screw them together.

Next, drill two small nail pilot holes in each end of the two pot supports (D) and nail them in an approximate centered position to the “A” pieces of the bottom frame (Y), leaving a 1-inch gap between the boards.

Sand the rough edges of the side pieces (C) and cover (E). Drill four small nail pilot holes in each side piece (C). Position them with two holes 3” down from the top and two more holes 1-1/2-inches up from the bottom of each piece.

Nail the side pieces (C) onto the top frame (X) and bottom frame (Y) so that the bottom of each piece is 1” up from the bottom of the bottom frame (Y), and 1-1/4-inches above the top of the top frame (X).  Space the sides (C) evenly, leaving a slight gap at each end, as well as even gaps between each piece. For the best fit, rasp or sand the cover pieces (E).

Ideally, your pot should be supported on its bottom and not by its lip.  For that reason (and since pot dimensions will vary), you may have to lay small scrap blocks across the two pot supports (D) to raise your pot slightly in the planter so it is not supported by its lip.

Step 5: Fisnish the planter. Although all of the recommended woods are highly durable when used outdoors, you might wish to finish your planter(s) with a transparent, penetrating oil stain, formulated for exterior use.

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